The Mission

Creating opportunities for youth to be... Loved as they are, Inspired to be more, Found in community and Trusted to make a difference.

The Vision

To foster an environment in which we will promote inclusion, positive self-worth and self-discovery within our youth while facilitating inner growth to prepare them for future success.

Strategic Philosophy

At LIFT we believe in the power of our REACH; that we are called to REACH the least, the lost and the lonely; and that we can make a difference because hope is within REACH. So our events, future facility and programming are focused on the following core areas:

Recreation - a chance to have fun; to laugh and play and re-create
Education - to fill the gaps in the system and to introduce new ideas
Arts - opportunities to express emotions, be creative and discover talents
Community - to build strong relationships and have a positive impact
Health - giving tools used to strengthen and improve students holistically

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