In the Spring of 2018 the idea of opening a youth center in Ringgold was born out of the hearts of a handful of passionate parents. LIFT Youth Center Inc spent the last three years diligently connecting with existing community service providers and organizations, establishing our foundation, building leadership and chasing every financial lead. After receiving three BIG grants in the Spring of 2021, we were able to BUY our building and are about to complete the remodel of the space. The building itself is to be named the Claudia Nance Rollins Youth Center in honor of those grantors. And LIFT Youth Center Inc is the nonprofit entity doing the work. We have had a beautiful ground swell of support from the community and from students and families who are so excited to start attending! It has been a truly phenomenal journey so far! LIFT is thrilled to now be able to say that we will be holding a Ribbon Cutting with the Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce on April 30, 2021. We are excited to start working with Student Leadership in May and will start holding open student events this summer. At the end of the summer LIFT Youth Center Inc will hold our GRAND OPENING on Saturday, August 7!!! 

2020 was a great year for
LIFT Youth Center Inc!
Join us as we look back.
to all those that said I’M IN in 2020…




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LIFT is going to be a force for good in Catoosa County!

You are going to want to say you had a part in helping it come to fruition - and we in advance want to say thank you! On behalf of the students we will help to flourish, the parents and guardians we will support and the community that will be strengthened along the way…

support lift

Would you consider a tax deductible gift to LIFT, and better yet, invite your friends and family to join you in doing so?!​

There are many levels at which you can give and as we get farther along the road you will be able to join us in service. 

If you wish to donate with a check please make it payable to:

LIFT Youth Center 

7197 Nashville Street 

Ringgold, GA 30736

LIFT Youth Center Inc is a 501 (c)(3): 83-1676980




“LIFT is working toward fulfilling a need I see in our community every day.  When a group of people come together to make a difference for the at-risk youth in our community, we should all ask what we can do to support that goal.  The best thing we can do right now is hop on board with this movement and show our youth that there is hope when they have so many reasons to believe there is none.  LIFT is stepping into that space and providing opportunities for our next generation to experience love, guidance and an opportunity to see that we do care.  This is an opportunity to make all the difference.”

Mayor Nick Millwood

Middle school teacher and mayor of ringgold, ga

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