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Last Saturday, July 11th 2020, LIFT had DEMO DAY for the Claudia Nance Rollins Youth Center.  The building started as a very compartmentalized office building.  Pretty quickly the building opened up as walls came down and our plans for what the center will look like became easier to envision.  The day proved to be challenging with carpet that was super stubborn in the removal process. It was also a rewarding day with real tangible progress! Stay tuned because we will be continuously updating everyone on the remodel!!

LIFT Youth Center Inc still needs your help as we move forward. How can you help out? You can DONATE, VOLUNTEER, or ADVOCATE! To get involved click this link and let us know that YOU ARE IN!!!

The infamous stubborn carpet!

Thank you to the crew of volunteers that came out donating not only their labor but also their Saturday.  LIFT will always be grateful for your efforts! 

One hard working crew right here!!

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