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LIFT Youth Center Inc is serving Catoosa County 6-12th Grade Students.

If your student is ready to participate for the first time, OR is re-enrolling for the next school year, then please follow this link to start the FREE enrollment process.

2023/2024 After-School Schedule:

High School Days:

MONDAY (3:30 – 6 PM)

WEDNESDAY (2:30 – 6 PM)

Middle School Days:

TUESDAY (3:30 – 6 PM)

THURSDAY (3:30 – 6 PM)

Friday (3:30 – 6 PM): Middle & High School Students

*Exceptions will ONLY be made at the discretion of the Executive Director because of Program Requirements.*

This schedule is subject to change further due to daily student participation. We learned a lot during our start-up semester and are working now to meet as many student needs as possible. Thanks for understanding as this wonderful experiment continues to grow and develop!


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help navigating this system.

If you prefer you may also fill out a paper version of these forms.
Please contact LIFT Staff at 706-935-LIFT or at


LIFT Youth Center staff and volunteers strive to create a “safe space” for students to engage with friends and adults in a supportive environment. When students choose to come to LIFT, they are agreeing to follow the behavior expectations outlined in the Code of Culture and Conduct.

Students get a daily reminder, during announcement time, of several principles including: “LIFT is Drama & Aggression Free” and “Keep it Clean! The Center, Language, and Behavior.” Currently, negative behavior results in a single warning and, upon a second incident, the student is invited to go home for the day.

In an effort to further improve the safety of our space, our policy is that after two instances of being sent home, students will qualify for a Suspension of attendance at the discretion of the Executive Director. The length of the suspension will be discussed with the parents/guardians and will end after a successful parent meeting with the Executive Director. Please refer to LIFT’s enrollment agreement form for more details.

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