HHS Students
Get a ride to lift!

Get a ride to LIFT Youth Center

on Wednesdays

LIFT Youth Center will provide transportation for 14 students to LIFT. Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation home from LIFT by 6 PM.

Come and enjoy all that LIFT has to offer such as outdoor sports, art projects, cooking, mental health workshops, photography, and STEM programs!

See how to enroll and register below!

Enroll and register

to attend LIFT today for free!

Step 1: Enroll your student at LIFT for free

  • Tip- make sure that once you make an account that you check your email to verify your account and fill out the participant form. You only have to fill out the enrollment one time per school year.

Step 2: Sign up for HHS transportation

  • Once you have completed enrollment, on the same website you will see a tab at the top labeled “activities”. Select the days your student will be attending LIFT. Transportation spots are posted one month at a time. Each month, you can select all the days your student will need transportation for the month. Once you have selected your days, they will be added to your “cart,” and you can “checkout”.  (Transporation and enrollment/attendance at LIFT is all free.)

Step 3: Complete the Transportation Permission Form

  • Please click the button below to complete the Google form; you only have to fill this form out one time per school year. This is just to make sure that you agree and understand LIFT Youth Center’s policies on transporting students from HHS.

  • If you have any questions or need assistance with completing the steps listed above please call Morgan at 706-935-5438.