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LIFT programming/events calendar

2023/2024 After-School Schedule:

High School Days:

MONDAY (3:30 – 6 PM)

WEDNESDAY (2:30 – 6 PM)

Middle School Days:

TUESDAY (3:30 – 6 PM)

THURSDAY (3:30 – 6 PM)

Friday (3:30 – 6 PM): Middle & High School Students

*Exceptions will ONLY be made at the discretion of the Executive Director because of Program Requirements.*

This schedule is subject to change further due to daily student participation. We learned a lot during our start-up semester and are working now to meet as many student needs as possible. Thanks for understanding as this wonderful experiment continues to grow and develop!


Upon arrival at the Youth Center, students will first Check-In, and then they will be able to sign-up for the Calendar items scheduled for that day. They must get signed up before the Activity’s Start Time and we ask that they only sign up if they will be present for the entire activity. Please also remember that space may be limited for some items. We will work to ensure all students have the opportunity to try each offering over time.

In addition to the workshops and programs scheduled on this calendar, LIFT’s Program Staff and volunteers will lead other activities at the Youth Center each day. On a typical day students can expect to have opportunities for: 

  • Meeting with an Adult Mentor (Email to get signed up!) 
  • Meeting with a Tutor (Email to get signed up!) 
  • Creating a Daily Art Project (some led by guest artists) 
  • Playing in the Gaming Room or at our Video Game Station 
  • Spending time on their homework with help from volunteers 
  • Painting the in-process murals inside the Center. 
  • Curling up with a good book or helping with the monthly Creative Writing project. 
  • Playing a game of ping pong, basketball, cornhole, gaga ball, and other outdoor games.

LIFT posts our programming/events calendar monthly. In order to stay up to date please check back periodically. Please scroll down to read more general information about programming at the Claudia Nance Rollins Youth Center and LIFT’s community events.

LIFT's program focus areas R.E.A.C.H.

All of LIFT’s programming falls under one of the five categories of our R.E.A.C.H. Please check our calendar for the monthly programming schedule.

R ecreation programs:

 At the Center: 

  • Pool table, foosball, air hockey, etc. PLUS Board games, cards, books 
  • Music, Movies, Video gaming: concerts, lessons, and competitions 
  • Stress Reduction: Yoga, Meditation, Centering activities 
  • Outside: Shooting hoops, Cornhole, Horseshoes, Ping Pong 

Field trips: 

  • hiking, rock climbing, caving, geocaching, fishing, boating 

Hosting events: 

  • Slip-n-Dive Kickball, Lula Lake Family Adventure Day, Run/Walk Groups 

E ducational programs:

  • Workshops on practical life skills: finances, job interviews, resumes, car maintenance, cooking, health, and wellness practices. 
  • Meeting professionals who can help students explore different career possibilities or trades; Hosting Career Fairs and Internship Postings. 
  • Professional Tutoring offered for free and having a place to do homework. 
  • Having access to technology and resources to help you accomplish schoolwork. 
  • Access to a mini-library with a student focus, co-hosted by the Catoosa County Library. 

A rt programs:

  • Photography and videography – utilizing state of the art equipment and editing tools 
  • Music Studio – Students can get lessons to learn to play an instrument thanks to a partnership with Songbirds Foundation and the Guitars for Kids program. We will be able to record their music as well, want to teach live sound mixing, and host songwriting workshops. 
  • Maker’s Space – fully stocked with supplies for crafting of all sorts (unstructured creativity); we will also partner with local artists to offer lessons in drawing, painting, pottery, etc. 
  • Functional Stage – we hope to nurture students interested in acting and movie making. Giving them a space to perform and projects to work on as they learn new skills. 
  • Digital art and Creative writing: poems, stories; marketing and media 

c ommunity programs:

  • Community Service Projects: there will be a monthly opportunity for our students to serve our community, our environment our country, and its citizens. 
  • Mentoring: working with adults to give multi-generational opportunities for students to be known, feel supported, and be given a safe space to communicate. We also hope to have older students become mentors to younger students as they serve as leaders at the Youth Center 
  • Connecting with community leaders, government officials, and advocates for change who can inspire our students and challenge them to make a difference. 
  • Working in your school to be a positive influence for good 
  • Joining a small group of peers that support me and encourage me-by interests and struggles to bridge negative isolation 

h ealth programs:

  • Mental Health education for both individuals and small groups of students will be offered through our Social-Emotional Learning Programs. Learn more about LIFT’s SEL Programs here.
  • Each month some of our afterschool workshops are designed to promote healthy choices and focus on topics such as goal setting, anger management, leadership, relationships, etc.
  • A weeknight student support group is offered because getting to speak about what you are struggling with in a safe, small group of peers designed to offer specific support and resources for challenging topics is very helpful. 
  • Resource Bridging – we will always have easy access to resources for students and families in a variety of topics. We will give referrals to access necessities, mental or physical health resources, and work to connect folks to the communities’ resources for education and trades, clubs and recreation, spirituality, support and recovery services, etc.  
  • Workshops are offered monthly for parents/guardians on helpful topics and especially on areas that are under-addressed. Topics like communications, finances, gender issues, technology, mental health, etc.

Community Events